Acrel Co., Ltd. [Stock Code: 300286. SZ] is a high-tech enterprise which concentrates on research, production, sales and services. It mainly provides systemic solutions of energy efficiency management and electrical safety for users. Acrel has equipped with the complete production lines from cloud platform software to sensors...
The video includes an introduction about Factory, Storage, R&D team, Dealer training, EMS platform, and Solutions.

Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd

A production base located in Jiangyin City, Wuxi, is a pilot enterprise of Jiangsu Province, which integrates informatization and industrialization. It has a well-functioned product test center, and can carry out environmental, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reliability tests. The production process relies on advanced information management system and strict implementation of ISO 9001 management standards, which provides guarantee for industrialization and large-scale implementation of products. The annual production capacity of meters, power transformers and energy-saving cabinets is 2 million units, 1.5 million units and 10,000 sets.

Acrel has set up branches and offices in major cities in China. Local sales and technical support teams are deployed to quickly respond to customers’ and provide users with high-quality product experience.


Headquater: Shanghai

Acrel Co., Ltd. was born.


"ACREL' means accurate electrica


Production Base registered

in Jiangsu province


Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD.

with first 10000 square meters,

a production line of power meter with lead free process was also built 

Passed ISO9001 quality

management system certification.


Products shortlisted for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony.


The company has been recognized

as a high-tech enterprise.


Jiading district level enterprise technology center

Set up Jiangyin Acrel Electric Instrument Research Institute.

The company completed the joint-stock

reform and changed its name to

Shanghai Acrel Co., Ltd.


The products are shortlisted for the new project of Shanghai World Expo Museum.


On January 13, Acrel listed on

Shenzhen GEM with stock code 300286.SZ


Title of innovative enterprise.

Jiangsu Acrel set up test center.

Changed its name to Acrel Co., Ltd.



Observe contract and pay attention

to Credit Grade AAA.


Jiangsu Acrel set up Jiangsu postgraduate workstation.

Top 10 economic operation enterprises

in Shanghai instrument Industry


Jiangsu Acrel testing center is certified by CNAS.


Passed ISO 45001 occupational health

and safety management system certification.


Passed ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Acrel set up energy saving control branch.


Passed ISO27001 information security

management system certification.



China environmental protection

product certification.


Jiangsu electronics application demonstration enterprise.

Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center.

Acrel ADL200 Single Phase Energy

Meter CE-MID Certificated


Top ten technological innovation enterprises in 2020.

ADL400 rail type three-phase energy meter obtained MID certificate.

Jiangsu Acrel microgrid Research Institute Co., Ltd put into use.




AKH-0.66/K-016,AKH-0.66/K-24 split core current transformer obtained UL



ADL3000 rail type three-phase

energy meter obtained UL certificate.


Test Center

Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Testing Center was established in 2008, after five years of development, the test center has an "electrical performance testing lab", "electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) test lab, "security testing laboratory", "climate environment lab", "mechanical environment lab", "protection code of enclosure testing lab", "the Highly Accelerated Life Test/Highly Accelerated Stress Screen(HALT/HASS) lab" and "electronic products RoHS compliance screening laboratory", has domestic and foreign testing equipment, It's a Professional test team.



Storage&Production line

Acrel  Automatic production line and Robot intelligent ordering



Both hardware and software, product matrix perfect

The market pattern of power monitoring and energy efficiency system on the user side is scattered and there are many participants. Compared with the main competitors, Ankerui has many years of specialized power side, certain brand recognition, strong technical ability, perfect product matrix, flexible production capacity and cost-effective advantages.



Sales side force + channel innovation, steal the enterprise microgrid market

Sales side to promote the "microgrid platform + industry application" model: 

1. Industry benchmark project: dig industry head customers (such as Spring wind power, Wuxi Apptec, etc.), create industry benchmark cases, deepen brand influence. 

2. Sales channel innovation, hand in hand with industry design institutes: change the traditional sales model, promote the company's EMS2.0 standard atlas through various industry design institutes, implant the program into new projects, and then quickly "educate" the market.



Flexible production capacity to ensure delivery speed/gross profit margin

The company's products achieve the flexible production of "small batch, multi-variety" to ensure the delivery speed and gross profit margin. Compared with the large power grid market, the micro-grid market has the characteristics of "small batch and multi-variety", and the single project volume is small and the degree of individalization is higher. The production cost is higher and the cycle is longer. The flexible production line independently developed by the company has a high degree of automation, rapid variety switching, and flexible production ensures the company's "small batch, multi-variety" economic production and stable gross profit margin. "Modular" production mode: the non-standardized products are decomposed into standardized modules, and the "core function module" is divided into low, medium and high three grades, and then combined with different "extended function modules" (such as network communication, etc.) to produce smart meters that meet different needs.


R & D

Focus on innovation and development to promote product progress

Attach importance to innovation to drive development, continue to increase investment in research and development, and enhance core competitiveness. By the end of 2021, the company has 403 R & D personnel, an increase of 21% year-on-year, accounting for 51% of the total number of the company; In 2021, the R&D investment was 1.12 yuan, an increase of 49%. According to the investor exchange record of the company's announcement, the company's current research and development priorities include:

1. Product upgrade: At present, the company has completed the evolution of EMS1.0 to EMS2.0, and developed EMS3.0 to realize intelligent operation and can be used as the grid dispatching system of microgrid enterprises.

2. Deepen the "microgrid platform + industry" route: improve the application development team of subdivided industries; On the basis of standardized development, increase the adaptation development of industry applications.

3. Charge and storage of source network: Strengthen the construction of energy storage and charging pile teams, establish virtual power plant subsidiaries, and focus on the development of new energy fields.